Excavating and Site Construction

Here at Bobby T. Construction we understand that nearly every construction project starts with excavation, a process designed to create a strong foundation for your home or commercial property. If you're looking for the right team to provide excavation services for your project, Bobby T. Construction has been serving the people of Polk County Florida and the adjacent Counties for well over two decades.

Excavation work requires specific knowledge and the right tools for the job, the professionals here at Bobby T. Construction has the experience and knowledge required to keep any job possible. At Bobby T. Construction, we have a well-rehearsed site work contractor, engineering and architect that allow us to approach each excavation job with precision and attention to detail. We understand the importance of a proper excavation, so here at Bobby T. Construction our staff will take the time to perform our work diligently and effectively, our clients are a part of the excavation process and will understand every step along the way.

With our professional staff and world class customer service we aim to not only meet, but exceed expectations every time we're called upon to help. From the very first phone call until the final inspection of your vision we will provide every excavation need that may arise here at Bobby T. Construction. Each member of the team plays an important role within the excavation process our site work contractor and engineer keeps the project moving forward, the architect and the customer sees that each project has a vision, and the customer and the office staff will provide the necessary information to have any design complete in a timely fashion.

Here at Bobby T. Construction your design and excavation process is only one world class serviced phone call away from a jump start in the right direction for construction.

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Excavating Site Construction